LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch 720p LED HD TV

If you want to know how to turn on the LG monitor, you need to know how to locate the power button. The power button is located on the bottom edge of the monitor’s front bezel, right under the LG logo. You can press the power button once to switch on or off the monitor. If it does not turn on, you may need to replace the video cable or power cord. Luckily, there are many ways to fix this problem, some of which may not be so obvious.

First, you should try to reset the monitor. You can do this by unplugging all connections. Then, try to plug in only the power and screen. This will remove all the settings that have been made on your monitor. If you cannot figure out the problem, you should read the manual or contact LG support. Usually, the monitor will turn on if it can display a working source.

How to turn on LG Monitor

Next, try to check whether any video cable is connected to the monitor. Make sure it is plugged into the correct port. If it does not work, you should try a hard reset by unplugging all the connections except the power and screen. This will reset the monitor to its factory settings. Once this is done, you can view the screen again. If this method does not work, you can contact LG support to have the problem fixed.

Another option to resolve the issue is to turn off the computer’s power-saving mode. After restarting the computer, you should see the screen from a working source. If all these steps fail, try a hard reset. This will erase all your settings and allow the monitor to work again. The hard reset will not affect your screen but may affect the video card. In this case, you can use a different monitor to fix this problem.

Sometimes, the monitor is not properly powered on. The best way to fix this problem is to consult the user’s manual. If you cannot find a specific setting, check whether the display adapter is connected to the graphics card. If this is the case, remove the monitor and try again. If it works, the problem is likely related to the video card. You need to remove the graphics card before you can fix the monitor.

After the hard reset, you need to turn on the monitor. The monitor will display a working source after it’s been turned on. You can also try a new HDMI cable if the problem persists. If all else fails, you can try a factory reset. A factory reset will wipe all of your custom settings. This should solve the issue. This way, you will not have to replace the graphics card.

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