How to Remove Asus Monitor Stand

If you have an ASUS VG248 monitor, you might be wondering how to remove the monitor stand. First, you need to turn your computer off. You can also unplug the power cord. Then, unplug the monitor. You can then unplug the ASUS VG248 from its stand and mount it on a wall. For this, you must first purchase a VESA wall mounting kit.

To remove your monitor from the stand, place it on a flat surface and unscrew the screws that secure it. Next, unscrew the VESA adapter from the stand. The screws removed in step three are holding the VESA adapter to your ASUS All-in-One PC. You can now easily take off the monitor and the stand. To do this, you need to follow the following steps.

How to remove asus monitor stand

If your monitor has a VESA connection, you will need a VESA wall mount kit to remove it. If the stand is attached to your PC by screws, you may need to remove them. Once you have removed the monitor stand, you can install the wall mount kit to your ASUS All-in-One PC. If you don’t have a VESA wall mounting kit, you should purchase one.

Depending on the type of VESA mount, you might need to purchase an additional mounting kit. A VESA wall mounting kit fits 100×100 mm of monitors. Once you’ve purchased the correct kit, you can install your new ASUS monitor. After placing the VESA adapter, you’ll need to remove the screws securing it to the wall. Once you’ve removed the screws, you’ll need to unscrew the VESA mount to get at the new bracket.

The VESA wall mount kit has two screws held in place by the VESA adapter. You’ll need a VESA wall mount kit to remove your ASUS monitor. Then, it would be best if you unplug the VESA adapter. Then, you’ll need to remove the screws and the stand. Afterwards, you’ll need to unscrew the ASUS All-in-One PC. You’ll need a VESD wall mounting kit.

If you need to remove the stand from an ASUS All-in-One PC, you’ll need to take the back cover off. Then, you can pull out the stand. Make sure to remove the VESA adapter with the screws you removed in step three. You’ll find that it aligns perfectly with the ASUS All-in-One PC. You can then put the stand back on your monitor and use it again.

If you’ve purchased an ASUS All-in-One PC, you can remove the monitor stand and align it with the VESA adapter. You’ll need a VESA wall mount kit to attach your ASUS All-in-One PC to a VESA wall. Then, remove the screws that secure the stand to the All-in-One PC. After completing these steps, you can easily put the monitor back into place.

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