VIZIO 65-Inch P-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV

If you are an Apple user, several intelligent TV models are available. The first one, the LG C1, is ideal for gaming with its high-refresh-rate display and four HDMI ports, including one with eARC support. It also supports Apple HomeKit, and AirPlay 2 and has a dedicated Game Mode that enhances your gaming experience. If you aren’t an Apple user, you can still find an excellent model for your needs.

For those who want a fully integrated home experience, the Sony Bravia TV is an excellent choice. It supports Apple HomeKit and all principal voice assistants. It will be released in 2020, has a 4K screen with a QLED resolution, and runs Apple TV. Other features include support for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, BT Sports, and ITV Hub. It also supports Amazon Instant Video.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will want to look for an Apple TV with AirPlay functionality. This will allow you to stream media from your phone to the TV. If you have an Apple TV, you can also enjoy gaming with it. Apple TVs also have higher refresh rates and better display technology. However, if you are not an Apple user, you might want to consider a different model. This TV has the same functionality as a dedicated Apple TV but is much cheaper.

The Apple TV app is designed to play content from your Apple device. AirPlay allows you to connect your iOS device with your smart TV seamlessly. Besides Apple content, Apple TV can also play music and movies from other devices. This means you don’t have to worry about your music playing in the wrong spot, and you can watch your favorite movies and TV series on your Apple TV. However, it doesn’t come with quality speakers, but the Apple TV app is still worth the price.

1) TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV Review

TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV

TCL 50-Inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV – 50S535
The TCL 5-Series QLED TV delivers premium picture quality, endless entertainment, and a wide color range. Its Contrast Control Zone technology optimizes the image for different zones so that you can enjoy a consistent color palette. TCL 5-Series QLED TVs are also compatible with Roku intelligent devices.

The TCL S535’s color gamut is impressive and allows for easy viewing of HDR content. It also offers excellent coverage of the Rec. 2020 color space. It has a high EOTF and follows the target curve at peak brightness. It provides expansion options, including HDMI, Roku, and Chromecast.

The TCL 5 Series 2020 is a mid-range TV. It is an upgrade from the TCL 5 Series/S525 2019. The S535’s VA panel offers an excellent color gamut for HDR content, but it doesn’t get as bright as many QLED models. Its contrast ratio and deep blacks in the dark are great for watching HDR content. This QLED TV also has a full-array local dimming feature.

The TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4k UHD Dolby Vision HDR Qled Roku Smart TV combines high-end features with a low price. Using the built-in microphone, Alexa allows you to control your TV and other smart home devices through voice commands. It supports over one million movies and subscriptions to popular video services. There is also a wealth of video games, music streaming, and live TV.

  • Superior 4K Ultra HD
  • Unusual proportions
  • Voice Control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • No VRR support

2) VIZIO 65-Inch P-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV Review

VIZIO 65-Inch P-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV

Vizio 65-Inch P-Series Premium 4K UHD Quantum Color LED HDR Smart TV
The P-Series delivers stunning color and detail with a peak brightness of 3000 nits. An active full array backlight intelligently controls brightness and darkness to maximize contrast. Quantum Color and Dolby Vision provide superb clarity and contrast for immersive viewing. Vizio’s 65-inch model has up to four times the brightness of standard 4K HDR TVs, and its Active Full Array backlight uses up to 200 nits of local dimming for superior picture quality.

The P-Series TV includes the latest features for connecting to various digital devices. Built-in Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast allow you to stream content from compatible devices to your television. With hundreds of free channels, you can watch movies, shows, and music straight from your television. This TV also has Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay 2.

With a wide color gamut and local dimming, the P-Series is a solid choice for most viewing needs. Its smartphone compatibility lets you control your TV with voice commands. Using this feature, you can easily play 4K movies and games. The Vizio P-Series offers over 100 free live channels and 120 digital series. In addition to its built-in speakers, the P-Series supports both Apple AirPlay and Chromecast. The P-Series also supports voice control.

With its impressive features, the P-Series Quantum 2021 is an upgrade from the P-Series Quantum 2020. It features superior local dimming, but the Quantum X’s display is less reflective and is slightly brighter than its predecessor. It does not offer voice control and uses VA panels.

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • UltraBright
  • The SmartCast platform includes both Apple AirPlay and Google Cast.
  • SDR color performance is slightly inaccurate.

3) Sony X900H 65-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review

Sony X900H 65-inch TV 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony X900H 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV With HDR Game Mode
The Sony X900H 55-inch TV features a 4K Ultra HD Smart LED display and HDR Game Mode. This TV features a high contrast ratio and offers deep blacks without the risk of burn-in. It also has two sound positioning tweeters for enhanced sound. Compared to the previous model, it gets brighter with HDR and a less aggressive Automatic Brightness Limiter.

The Sony X900H is compatible with most common resolutions but excludes 1440p @ 120Hz. This television also has a reasonable contrast ratio, which is excellent for viewing HDR content in bright rooms. The picture quality is also quite good, and fast-moving scenes are displayed with minimum blur. Another benefit is its high response time, which means it does not lag too much. The TV is also equipped with 10-bit HDR.

The picture quality is another notable aspect of this TV. The Sony X900H’s 54.6-inch LED display provides four times the resolution of a 1080p television. It also integrates X-Motion Clarity technology, which digitally enhances fast-moving images to reduce blurring. Lastly, this TV has a 4K HDR PROCESSOR X1 that improves brightness and contrast.

With its HDR Game Mode, the Sony X900H 55-inch TV offers HDR Game Mode and TRILUMINOS Display technology. The Full-Array LED technology provides realistic contrast. This means that bright areas look lighter while dark ones look darker. The Full-Array LED technology adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper shadows.

  • 4K gaming TV
  • Works with Alexa
  • VRR gets support after firmware update.
  • VRR disables the local dimming feature.

4) SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Neo QLED QN90A Series Review

Best Smart TVs For Apple Users

Samsung QN90A Series – 4K UHD Smart TV With Alexa
Samsung’s flagship 4K QLED TV boasts an exceptionally bright picture and a slim one-inch design. Although it offers excellent contrast and low input lag, the QN90A does suffer from slightly inaccurate colors out of the box. The QN90A’s conventional QLED technology rivals the dual-cell system used in the Hisense 75U9DG, but it boasts more excellent black and light levels.

Despite its slim design, this Samsung TV supports multiple inputs, including HDMI, and can decode high-definition content. It also supports Smart View for Android, which mirrors content from your compatible Samsung Android smartphone, including photos, videos, music, and online apps. Tap View reflects Samsung Galaxy devices running Android OS 8.1 or higher.

This TV supports four HDMI 2.0b inputs. HDCP 2.2 compliant, these inputs also support 4K video transmission. Moreover, the QN90A supports the latest display technologies, including 4K UHD upscaling, which allows you to enjoy 4K content on your Samsung TV. This model may be worth your consideration if you’re looking for a 4K UHD smart TV with Alexa.

The QN90A series includes an on-screen Connection Guide. This guide will show you the connection options and how to connect various external devices to the TV. There are also USB and Ethernet ports on the right side of the back panel, but there’s no analog video input. However, this model supports using a wireless USB keyboard or mouse.

  • Alexa Built-in
  • Reasonable viewing angle.
  • A very fast response time results in smooth motion.
  • A slight blur around bright objects is noticeable.

5) LG OLED C1 Series 48” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV Review

LG OLED C1 Series 48” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV

LG OLED C1 Series 48 Alexa 4K Smart TV Review
The design of the LG OLED C1 Series 48 Alexa-powered 4k Smart TV is similar to the previous generation’s. A thin border accents its sleek, minimalist design around its screen on all four sides. The light LG logo is discreetly placed on the bottom, while the bottom portion of the unit widens to accommodate the TV’s guts and inputs.

This television is built for gamers. It supports Dolby Vision HDR at 120Hz, exclusive to the Xbox Series X. The C1’s processor is a little less powerful, but it comes with a Game Optimizer menu where you can adjust frame rates and latency and specific picture settings. With a wide selection of gaming apps, you’ll never have to be left wondering what to do next.

The LG C1 OLED Series 48 Alexa Built-in 4K Smart TV is a good option if you’re looking for a reasonable price on a high-quality OLED TV. Amazon has discounted the 48-inch model by as much as 28% to get an excellent value for your money.

With 8 million self-lit pixels, the LG OLED C1 Series 48 Alexa-built-in 4K Smart TV can give you a comfortable viewing experience. It also features low-blue light, flicker-free, and discomfort glare-free technologies. The a9 Gen4 AI processor enables it to adjust picture and sound settings intelligently. It also uses deep-learning algorithms to detect content automatically.

  • 4k Smart TV Alexa Built-in
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Attractive picture and audio
  • Don’t be too bright or bright enough for sunny rooms.

6) SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class Frame Series – 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV Review

SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class Frame Series - 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV

Samsung 43-Inch Class QLED LS03A Frame Series – Customizable Bezel Art
The 43-inch QLED TV from Samsung has a sleek and stylish bezel you can customize with your favorite artwork. It has a 4K UHD resolution and an advanced QLED panel with an LED backlight and Quantum Dot layer. You can also customize your screen by selecting from a library of artwork by various artists.

Priced at $999 for a 43-inch model and $1,299 for a 50-inch version, the Frame is popular among design-conscious consumers. The Frame can be rotated from a portrait orientation to a landscape position, but it cannot automatically turn. Samsung’s new Sero TV can automatically rotate the image, an excellent feature for TikTok fans.

A new way to enjoy the latest Samsung television is with the Samsung The Frame series. This line of televisions features a sleek, modern design that looks like a picture frame. The Frame also offers 16GB of internal storage, an improvement over the 500MB of space that was available in previous years. This gives you ample space to store your art collections and photos, and it’s not just for picture frames.

The Samsung Frame is compatible with several different devices. It is equipped with the One Connect box that connects to the television with a single cable. It has four HDMI inputs and two USB ports for multimedia playback. A full web browser is included. Whether you wall mount the TV or use it as a home entertainment center, it will be compatible with the One Connect box.

  • Fantastic spatial contrast ratio.
  • Voice control with Alexa.
  • High SDR peak brightness combats glare.
  • Narrow viewing angle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Smart TV is Most Compatible With Apple?

Which smart TV is most compatible with Apple? Here are some of the features to look for. This TV supports Apple HomeKit and all the principal voice assistants. It comes with a QLED screen with 4K resolution. It runs Apple TV and supports apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, BT Sports, ITV Hub, and Amazon Instant Video. Then, there’s the smart TV, which comes equipped with Apple TV.
Another great feature of a smart TV is its ability to control connected home devices like robot vacuums. The ability to maintain a robotic vacuum is just one example. And as voice assistants continue to develop, so do the capabilities of smart TVs. These TVs are equipped with beefier processors than regular sets and online connections. In addition to being connected to the internet, smart TVs can now feature casual games, which aren’t as advanced as game consoles.
You’ll love the intelligent C1 LG TV if you’re an avid gamer. The screen offers low input lag and supports variable refresh rate, Nvidia G-Sync, and a 120Hz high frame rate. This TV is also equipped with voice control and Apple HomeKit functionality. Its remote has a unique pointer function that allows you to navigate the menu on the screen without getting distracted.
If you want a smart TV compatible with Apple, choose the LG OLED55CXPUA, which offers many inputs and robust integrations. It supports Apple TV and Alexa and features an infinite contrast ratio. In addition to that, it has excellent black uniformity. This makes it perfect for gamers. Its screen size also ensures that the picture will be smooth and sharp. For those looking for an entry-level smart TV, check out the LG BX, which costs less and is compatible with Apple TV.

Which Smart TV is Compatible With iPhone?

To see what content will appear on your new TV, you need to set up AirPlay. AirPlay is an Apple feature that makes connecting devices of different brands and operating systems more accessible. Samsung Smart TVs manufactured in 2018 and newer are likely to support AirPlay. To set up the connection, select “Screen Mirroring” in the Control Center and tap the AirPlay icon within some apps.
If AirPlay isn’t available on your TV, you must purchase a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter. You can buy one at Apple’s official store or from Amazon. Once you’ve connected your TV and iPhone, you can plug in your device and enjoy. Most apps will mirror your phone’s display, but some will allow you to set persistent playback controls. If you’re not interested in purchasing an adapter, you can mirror your iPhone’s screen to your TV using an HDMI cable.
The LG CX series has an entry-level series for 2020 that natively supports most Apple devices. With AirPlay 2, this TV supports Apple Music, Netflix, and YouTube. This is an excellent choice for the price-conscious consumer. In addition to these features, LG CX also includes a high-resolution screen. With the CX series, you can use your Apple devices through AirPlay, Google Cast, or the Apple Store.
If you’re on a tight budget, you can consider the Samsung Smart TVs for iOS users. They’re relatively affordable, ranging from $300 to $600. The Vizio V Series smart TV supports AirPlay, the Apple TV app, and AirPlay 2 and has solid performance. The Samsung televisions also offer wireless alternatives. Below are some of the smart TVs that work with Apple devices.

Is Apple TV Useful If You Have a Smart TV?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered if you should buy an Apple TV. This streaming device is one of the most popular options on the market, but it is not always the best option. You may be better off with other innovative TV options, such as the Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick. Here are some of the advantages of an Apple TV. Weigh the benefits against the costs to see if you’d be better off with one of these devices.
One major draw of the Apple TV app is its ability to stream content. While it can be used to watch movies and TV shows, the Apple TV app lets you subscribe to other services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. If you already have one of these services, you can easily subscribe to Apple TV Plus and start watching. It’s also possible to access Apple’s original content. Although the Apple TV app is a great way to enjoy streaming content, the reliance on third-party subscriptions has some disadvantages.
The Apple TV app can be installed on a smart television, but it can also be used on an old TV. Apple has a processor that’s faster than a regular TV. Apple TV can play games, so you can ditch your cable TV subscription and use a free streaming service like Sling TV. This makes the Apple helpful TV even if you already own a smart TV. It can also access content that the standard TV can’t, such as Netflix or HBO Go.

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