Toshiba 43-inch Class C350 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV

If you’re considering using a 43-inch TV as a monitor, you’ve probably wondered what your options are. In this article, we’ll go through each type of monitor’s benefits and features and which is best for gaming. These TVs are ideal for watching movies or playing games, but they’re also the most affordable. But, what features do you need in a monitor?

The best 43-inch TV for this purpose has a screen resolution of 4K, equivalent to 1080p Full HD. It also features an impressive app selection and an advanced user interface. You’ll also be able to enjoy HDR10 high-dynamic-range support, which makes it perfect for spreadsheet work. A 43-inch TV is an excellent choice for computer monitors. There are plenty of other benefits to buying a 43-inch TV for gaming, but there are a few things you need to look for before making a decision.

One of the most significant benefits of using a 43-inch TV as a monitor is the brightness and contrast ratio. A typical 43-inch TV should have enough brightness to make it a decent monitor for gaming, but it’s not relatively high enough for watching movies in dim rooms. If you’re looking for a TV for a gaming room, the best option might be the Sony XBR43X800H.

1) TCL 43-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV Review

TCL 43-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV

TCL 43-Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 43S435 2021 Model
The TCL company recently released a new television dubbed the 43S435, with a four-inch 4K UHD resolution. It comes with Apple AirPlay, which allows you to stream content directly from your Apple device. The TV is also compatible with Miracast and WiDi, which allow for wireless screen mirroring from Windows PCs. Google Cast, however, isn’t supported on this model, so you’ll need to get an Android device if you want to use the TV. The 43S435 is a 4K HDR television, so it’s compatible with HDR10 and HLG, but it doesn’t support Dolby Vision.

The 43S435’s color gamut is okay for non-HDR content, but it’s slightly less comprehensive than Samsung’s. It also lacks sound quality. The eight-watt speakers deliver weak audio, which isn’t ideal for rooms with ambient noise. Although the color gamut is good for non-HDR content, HDR content looks better on this TV.

As for the TCL 43S435’s connectivity, the TV supports Roku TV. You can connect it to the internet or a cable box to watch TV shows. The TV features four HDMI ports and a 3.5mm composite video port. It doesn’t have an ARC connector, but you can use an adapter if you don’t have an HDMI cable.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly smart LED television, the TCL 4-Series may be right for you. At just $260 for a 43-inch model, the price range goes up to $500 for a 65-inch model. You can check out the Insignia DF710NA21 line for a slightly higher-end TV. The Vizio has better color performance and contrast.

  • 4k ultra HD
  • Very cheap
  • The Roku TV platform has many features.
  • Minor contradiction

2) Caixun EC43S1UA, 43 inch 4K TV Review

Caixun EC43S1UA, 43 inch 4K

Caixin EC43S1UA 43 Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart Android TV With Google Assistant
The Caixun EC43S1UA is a 43-inch 4K UHD HDR Smart Android TV from Caixun. It comes with Google Assistant, a built-in Chromecast, and a stunning black finish that will make it a popular addition to your home. You can use voice commands to control the TV, and it even connects to innovative home systems.

The Caixin EC43S1UA has a built-in Chromecast, letting you stream content from your phone to the TV. The TV’s HDR technology delivers crystal-clear pictures, which will impress you and your guests. The screen is 178-degree-wide, allowing for better viewing angles, which helps create an enjoyable viewing experience. The TV also has a built-in Google Assistant, making it easy to access the Google Assistant from any device.

The Caixin EC43S1UA is one of the market’s more affordable options for 4K UHD HDR smart TVs. It has comparable specs to the other models, including a slim bezel around the screen and an impressive 178-degree viewing angle. This Android-powered Caixun EC43S1UA features a 2T2R intelligent antenna technology. While it may not be as good as Samsung TVs, it is still a very affordable option that will fit most rooms.

  • Google Assistant
  • 4K Ultra HD technology provides excellent image quality.
  • High dynamic range
  • Audio quality can be average.

3) SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD TV Review

Best 43 Inch 4K TV as Monitor

Samsung’s 43-Inch Class Crystal UHD HDR Smart TV
Samsung’s 43-inch Class Crystal AU8000 Series – 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV has some impressive features. But the lackluster image quality is one of its most significant drawbacks. Its black levels are only 250 to 300 nits during SDR content, such as cable TV broadcasts and most streaming shows. While its slick design and innovative platform make it easy to use, the AU8000 fails to deliver HDR content. The AU8000’s screen is not dimmed, impacting its uniformity and enabling the black levels to become more prominent.

The AU8000 Series runs Samsung’s Tizen OS 6.0. This operating system can support many streaming services, including Samsung TV Plus. Other notable features include built-in intelligent assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. The AU8000’s slim profile is also impressive, allowing it to be placed anywhere. Those looking for an ultra thin-profile television will love the Samsung AU8000.

The AU8000 series is a direct replacement for the TU8000 from last year. While the AU8000’s picture quality is decent, it’s not as bright as the Q60/Q60A QLED. But for the money, the AU8000 offers good value. And despite its low price, it’s one of the best 4K TVs on the market, even if its picture quality isn’t as good as that of QLEDs.

Another notable feature is the Samsung AU8000’s 60Hz native refresh rate. This helps reduce the stuttering and jittering associated with fast-paced content. The Samsung AU8000 has two motion settings, LED Clear Motion and Judder Reduction. However, when these settings are too high, they cause artificial smoothness.

  • Smart TV with Alexa Built-In
  • Great reflective handling
  • Lack of local dimming feature.

4) VIZIO 43-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV Review

VIZIO 43-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV

VIZIO 43-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV With Apple AirPlay Review
The VIZIO 43-Inch V-series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart television with Apple AirPlay supports Apple TV and Google Assistant. It supports the latest innovative home technology, including Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. The smart TV has three UHD/HDR-enabled HDMI ports and future-ready Bluetooth 4.0.

Its response time is good, although it’s slow in dark scenes. While the TV isn’t equipped with quantum dot technology or local dimming, it supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+ for enhanced picture quality. However, the TV’s backlight flickers too much, causing image duplication.

The integrated VIZIO SmartCast platform offers lightning-fast navigation and instant access to top streaming services. Its built-in Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast technology allow you to use the TV with your Apple Watch and Chromecast. You can enjoy hundreds of free streaming channels with your TV with Apple AirPlay. Besides, the TV has an array of free streaming channels, which are specially selected and curated for your viewing pleasure.

The Vizio remote has a scroll wheel in the middle, which is a navigation control and a selection button. The remote also includes voice control, which lets you change inputs and search for content. Unfortunately, the remote lacks dedicated playback buttons, and you’ll need to use the directional pad to playback and pause content.

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Good reflective handling.
  • Short input interval.
  • There is no VRR support.

5) Toshiba 43-inch Class C350 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV Review

Toshiba 43-inch Class C350 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV

Toshiba 43-Inch Class C350 Series LED 4-K UHD Smart Fire TV 43C350KU 2021 Mo Review.
The Toshiba 43-inch Class C350 Series LED 4-K UHD Smart Fire TV 43C350KU 2021 Mo has some things going for it. Despite its price, the Toshiba C350 has some great features. For one thing, it has an Energy Star rating. That means a television with the same rating as you would pay on your electric bill will save you about $21 per year. And it has 4 HDMI ports, including one for your streaming stick.

The C350 has a dazzling innovative world to offer you, and it doesn’t disappoint. Its consistent innovation in advanced technologies produces true-to-life images. The 4K Ultra HD resolution delivers stunning details and stunning picture quality. In addition, it blends seamlessly with its surroundings to give you an attractive-looking television. This is a TV that’s perfect for the living room.

The build quality is decent. It’s more durable than the Toshiba Fire TV 2020. The bottom bezel is now silver instead of the plastic ones it replaced. The metal feet make it less cheap-looking than the former. While the Toshiba C350 has a wobble, it doesn’t raise the screen off the table. But watching movies, sports, and other content is good enough without worrying about permanent burn-in.

  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Appropriate response time
  • Lack of local dimming feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use a 43-Inch TV As a Monitor?

If you’re wondering, “Can I use a 43-inch TV as a monitor?” you’re not alone. Thousands of people are wondering the same thing. While a monitor has several advantages over television, it has many drawbacks. Depending on your needs, a smaller monitor may be more appropriate for some purposes than a larger one. Here are some ways you can make your 43-inch TV a monitor.
Initially, the low PPI was the biggest drawback to using a TV as a monitor. Today, most televisions boast PPI scores of 80 or more, making them an excellent choice for home or business use. To find out the PPI score of your television, look in its manual or Google “PPI” and your model number. You can also visit Noteloop’s Pixel Density chart to get a general idea.
To use your TV as a monitor, choose a device with low input lag. This is because input lag can be annoying, and using an unreliable monitor is not recommended. You should also ensure that your laptop or PC has an HDMI port. An adapter cable available online for under $20 can make the process even easier. But it’s important to note that HDMI-enabled TVs may not have the best input lag.
A 43-inch 4K TV’s screen resolution is equivalent to a 1080p Full HD display. Although the screen size is more significant than a desktop monitor, 43-inch TVs are still excellent as monitors. Samsung’s 43-inch smart TV features Tizen’s operating system and HDR10 high dynamic range (HDR), which allows you to use high-definition content without compromising quality.

Are 4K TVs Good For Computer Monitors?

Are 4K TVs suitable for computer monitor use? The answer to this question depends on your needs. While some people find 4K overwhelming, you can use it as a PC monitor by sitting back a bit. While you might have to adjust to make it work, your 4K TV will likely follow the manufacturer’s guide. This setup can be a space saver and a smart upgrade.
The primary advantage of using a television as a computer monitor is that it extends your laptop’s screen, allowing you to play games on a larger screen. However, TVs are not designed for gaming, and extra processing can cause movement to lag. Fortunately, some TV models have built-in game modes that disable the additional processing. But you may have to choose a new model if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase.
The price is the biggest downside of a 4K TV as a computer monitor. Computer monitors tend to cost more than 4K TVs and are not the most cost-efficient solution. Furthermore, a 4K television typically comes with built-in speakers. While the built-in speakers may not be sufficient for a whole surround sound experience, they will be enough for most computer monitor use. A 4K television also offers more ports than a monitor, allowing you to use other devices and create a complete entertainment system.
Another advantage of 4K televisions over computer monitors is the higher resolution. The larger screen makes more minor details more noticeable. In addition, 4K TVs are HDR compatible, allowing more colors and tones to be seen. The resolution of a 4K television is often much higher than that of a standard monitor, so the viewing distance is much greater. However, the price isn’t always the deciding factor.

Is 4K Worth It For a 43-Inch TV?

In the age of high-end TVs, is 4K worth it for a 43-inch television? The answer depends on your requirements, budget, and preferences. It is more important to buy a 4K TV that can accommodate your viewing habits, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you should get a higher-resolution model, as you can still watch 1080p movies. However, if you’re a heavy gamer or love watching movies, it’s best to go for a higher-resolution model.
Moreover, you’ll save $100 or more on a 55-inch television. It’s still large enough to enjoy your favorite movies or shows, and most of them come with suitable bright TV suites. You can even control your TV through voice commands. If you’re looking for a bigger screen, consider a 43-inch 4K TV. However, you’ll need to consider other factors, as they can affect your purchase decision.
First, consider the viewing distance. While 4K resolution is much better than 1080p, you’ll have to sit closer to the screen to see the difference. A 42-inch screen doesn’t offer that much room for you to watch 4K content comfortably. Moreover, you’ll need a decent internet connection if you plan to watch 4K content on your TV. Generally, you’ll have to upgrade to a higher-resolution model.
What is 4K resolution, and why is it better? Simply put, 4K has more pixels than 1080p. This means that it’s worth watching more details, sharper images, and more vibrant colors and dark shades. But, while 4K TVs have more pixels, 1080p TVs are cheaper and still provide a wide variety of content. Lastly, 4K TVs are not the only option for a 43-inch screen.

Which is the Best 43 Inch 4K TV?

When looking for a new television, you should consider the size and the distance to the screen. If you are sitting too close, you may notice scan lines. If you sit too far away, you might miss picture detail. Also, if you are close to the screen, you might see the structure of the screen (the rows and columns of pixels).
The size is an important consideration, but also consider the price and the type of screen. A 43-inch TV with a 60-hertz refresh rate is suitable for watching movies, but a 120-Herz model is better for gamers and casual watchers. You can choose between a Samsung QN43QN90 or a Sony KD-43X85J. The latter offers better image quality overall but is a bit more expensive.
If you want a higher-end television, look for a model with better picture quality. However, most manufacturers tend to focus on more giant TVs, so you’re unlikely to find a high-end version of this size. Fortunately, you can find some good models in smaller sizes. Those that fall in between will be primarily mid-range models. However, there are still some high-end models, so check for them.
If you’re looking for a budget 43-inch 4K TV, you can find plenty of great models on Amazon. These televisions are not only highly-rated but also available at a low price. Consider the size of the room in which you place them before choosing a model. Also, consider what you’ll be watching on the TV. Will you be watching daytime television or the news?

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